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So much to learn. So little time.

I want to get back into the martial arts and I want to learn to swordfight. It's been so long since I've done any serious training that it'll be a lot like starting over again. The thing this time that's different from when I did kung fu years ago is that I am learning a different style. I'm interested in learning a martial art that's more focused on actually being able to properly defend yourself and do it well.

I know a guy who has done Krav Maga, Muy Thai and boxing. He's said he'll teach me in a year to be better at actually defending myself than many people ever will be if I am dedicated. I'm the sort who does get dedicated to what he does. The only concern I have is for damaging one of my hands. A broken hand is six to eight weeks off of playing guitar. That doesn't ruin your ability to play but those are still lost weeks during which time you could have been writing songs and getting better at the instrument. I suppose that's simply a risk one takes. Living in fear of it makes it more likely to happen.

As for learning to fight with swords, that'll be a bit harder to properly learn. When it comes to fighting arts, you have to spar in order to be able to be worth a damn at it. You can shadow box as much as you like, and that is rather useful, but you need to go head-to-head with people in order to be able to actually do the thing itself. Finding a teacher in my area to learn swordplay, a skill that I grant isn't the most practical in our world, will be a challenge. It may be best left to after I properly spend the year learning hand-to-hand self defense.

I have so much I want to learn, all at once. I wonder at how much of it I will ever properly get to learn before I die. I guess I should focus more on the journey, the learning itself, but that is often easier said than done.

Tonight I was off work. I didn't get much done at all since a good friend of mine showed up at my house in need of some consoling. I spent most of the evening making her feel better about not being able to find an after-college job in her field and not being able to find a boyfriend. Pretty typical concerns. I guess what worried me was that she really never gets bothered by anything. Seeing her aura all scared-colored was unnerving to me.

Even the strong can waver. It's best to remember that.


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