Nov. 27th, 2012 07:56 am
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The holiday came and went with not much to say. Thanksgiving in my house has always been pretty tame. My family was never much for spending time with obscure relatives we didn’t know or like. We mostly gather and eat like normal but with the typical turkey and stuffing and whatnot. I also had pie.

Things were a bit awkward around the table but by this point I decided to just shrug it off, eat and go back to what I was reading.

I went to see the World/Inferno Friendship Society with friends the other night. It was glorious. If you ever get the chance to go check them out, I highly recommend it. They are everything good about punk, about jazz and about rocking out all in one amazing package. This band has an incredible message of anti-authoritarian debauchery mixed with an optimistic gutter-poetry that suggests that everything will be okay at the end of it all.

I spent way too much money on mixed drinks and was so drunk that I had very little energy to do anything productive after the show besides sit in front of my computer, watch Adventure Time and read through the Xanga I had when I was in high school. It might be because I was so drunk but it was beyond hilarious to me. After it finished being funny it became depressing. I was so sure of myself when I was that young and my prose was an unmistakable shade of royal purple if you know what I mean.

That won’t be a mistake I make again.


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