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Starting a band that lasts more than a few practices is difficult.

Hell, starting a band that makes it to a single practice after long sessions of "oh shit, we're so gonna do XYZ" at Denny's at 3am is difficult. All that said, getting a band together that actually pulls off regular gigs and, dare I say, touring, is a fucking miracle.

Guess who is forever trying to work miracles? It's lucky for me I'm a magician, right?

What kind of band do I want? A goth-rock band, I guess. That's the easiest way to put it. Psychedelic influences? Sure. Industrial drumming sometimes? Sure. Lots of guitar playing? Totally. Haunting female vocals? Yup. Synths? You bet.

I'm considering just biting the bullet and trying to put up a Craigslist add for this purpose. I've had mixed luck with such things in the past and, since I have no car, I am kind of a hassle to lug around. I like to think I make up for it in competence, ideas, willingness to go the extra mile in playing and frequent gigging. I like to think that others will think that, too.

The problem I have is often getting people to see past my inability to afford a car. I know it's a hassle but, believe me, I'd own one if I could. As it stands, I make so little money that it's just not in the cards and won't be for some time.

Someone called me a "wizard-punk genius" the other day. I approve of this and take it as a high compliment. I wonder if I could somehow work that into a lifestyle. It calls to mind images of an eccentric in a leather jacket with a patch of "The Magician" on its back. The hands of the wizard-punk are wreathed in iridescent smoke and a knowing smile plays on the lips. Something like that. I could do that, right? Here's to hoping!

At work I am the youngest person on night shift. Everyone else is at least twice my age. As such, I often hear them bitching about my generation and the one that will eventually follow mine. While I grant and fully admit that my generation has our share of problems, I can't stand when an older person waxes poetic about living in some blameless, utopian age where nothing bad happened and everyone was the hardest worker ever. Everyone, according to them, had the proper amount of respect for the right people, had wisdom beyond their years and was outright better at everything than me and my age group.

Fuck that. Euphoric recall isn't a good thing all the time. Hindsight is only 20/20 for a short time, I think. I don't mind my coworkers most times but the things they say are just asinine. It's what every person says to their kids. It might be what I say to kids when I am their age. That doesn't make it any less irritating to hear. This is made especially true by the fact that my quality of life may well not exceed that of my own parents. This is true of many in my generation. The world changed. Too few people will admit this.

To hear it said, everyone my age is a disrespectful punk who is de-sensitized to the world, doesn't have enough moral fiber, has strange and unhealthy ideas and... is young, more or less. That rhetoric is old. It needs to stop.

Date: 2012-10-18 01:10 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] crows
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Oh god, god knows I'm not at home

Hey man. I got yer semi-classical soprano with no heart and severely goth sensibilities right here. You know, in Iowa. >.>...

Seriously though. Good luck. The greater amount of minds you're trying to synthesize into something cohesive, the more challenging it can be, but I commend you for persevering.

Date: 2012-10-18 05:21 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] sterling
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Quoting VAST's "Touched"? Man, that video. Makes me a little bit sad every time I watch the vid, or hear the song. It's a good one, nonetheless.

Date: 2012-10-18 05:37 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] sterling
sterling: (Byakuya)
Good luck with the band stuff. I know, it's hard to get people to get together, much less commit. I've been in three separate attempts, and none ever worked out.

I'm the catalyst for one of the projects failing because it started to go too hardcore for me. I tend to be more of an ebm-goth-industrial type, and being a vocalist, cannot for the life of me do any sort of screamo or metalcore at all. Sadly those guys never did any thing else as far as I have heard, as is often the case.

There is still hope for me though. One stalled project rekindled after I got to spend some time talking to Ronan from VNV Nation at an after party a couple years ago, and I'm almost convinced that I should buy a copy of Fruityloops and just get the fuck writing, if only I could commit the money. We are aiming for ebm and the infamous combo of moody male singer and haunting female vocals, with story-type lyrics that aren't always just about darker subjects, sex, or death.

Anyway, that was longer than I intended.... If you guys ever record anything, link it up! I'd love to hear what you have cooking. ^_^
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