Oct. 31st, 2012

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Sometimes the people I work for perplex me.

I'm informed that I have one more personal holiday I can take at any time... between now and November 5th. Despite the day itself being random, and potentially indicating a fear of masked terrorist-heroes, that's what it is. It has nothing to do with my pay period, it falling on a Monday and all. They also inform me that I can't use it to bolster my paycheck with eight more hours of money. So, in essence, I need to choose a day I'm already scheduled to work to just have off with pay.

That's fine by me, I say, I'll just not work on Halloween. I never have in my life and I see no reason why I should start now especially if I can be paid not to. Rain aside, I do live on the east coast but I am far enough from the storm in Pittsburgh to avoid most of the badness, I am sure I can find something to do tonight. Hell, even if it's just staying in and reading spooky stories all night by myself it's better than going into work.

The thing I find hilarious is that they got annoyed with me for suggesting this. When I explained to them that it's really my only option because if I don't use the day it vanishes, they got even more irritated. They eventually suggested that I just ignore it so their lives are made easier. I asked, then, if they felt this way why did they even bother to tell me I had the day to begin with? They didn't have to. That falls under the realm of "shit I ought to just know but totally actually forgot." They confuse me. Fuck 'em. I'm off tonight and they'll pay me to enjoy my most important holiday of the year.

I was thinking today that having a Tumblr is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it's amazing art therapy. Before I got it I was all "gee-wizz, you guys. I wish there was a website with an infinite scroll of utterly beautiful shit at my fingertips because Google Images kind of sucks." Turns out, it exists. Turns out, it's also a place to meet online friends. Turns out... some of them are fucking thirteen. I'm talking to this person who is over ten years my junior and wondering if I was that much of a tweaker at that age. I was probably worse, I always realize.

Another issue with Tumblr is that it randomly reminds me of what's wrong with the world. It's all, beauty, beauty, actually good and specific porn tailored to my taste, beauty, humor, guitar stuff, music gear, beauty, beauty, haunting beauty, BLUNT REMINDER THAT THE PATRIARCHY IS HORRIBLE, beauty, beauty, NEWS CAP OF HOMOPHOBIC HATE CRIME, Humor... and on, and on, and on. It's like a game of dice where I know I will eventually get a joy-killing punch in the soul amidst all that glory. Maybe I'm more of a masochist than I thought.

Well, I hope everybody who even causally glances at this blog has an epic Halloween.


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