Oct. 25th, 2012

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Thus far I've managed to accomplished nothing of importance during my vacation. I still have four days and nights to go, though. I tell myself this but I've been so apathetic about actually producing anything that I worry I will accomplish nothing.

I've had lots of fun, of course. Two jam sessions, one party, much drinking and mischief. I've watched a number of episodes of Black Books (utterly hilarious) and a few movies. I haven't done any physical exercise and barely any meditation was accomplished. I'm also eating EVERYTHING I possibly can, it seems. Even typing that made me hungry again.

Maybe this means I need to restore myself. Recharging is important. Maybe I just need to do that until the end of this relaxation period. Mental health, you know?

Two things I will say are going splendidly, though, are my prose writing and guitar practice in general. I sit down to write some poetry and, BAM, first draft I come up with something I actually like. Perfectly transferring my feelings from soul to pen to page in one go. That's NEVER happened before. Additionally, I sit down to just noodle out something on guitar and, FUCK, gigantic shredfest of melodic bluesy, beat-the-fuck-out-of-that-axe musical fun time just spills out of the amp in colorful waves. I can't say that those two things aren't incredibly gratifying. It's just effortless this week.

I wonder if it won't be ten thousand times more difficult next week. We'll have to see.

As a bit of an aside, I should explain something. When I say that I "beat the fuck out of a guitar" people often look at me quizzically. My friend Quentin does this to a greater degree. I often say he punches a guitar and it makes sounds close to what he wants. I'm not quite that aggressive. This phrase mostly means that I strike chords and various notes aggressively when I am playing an emotive part. I know plenty of guitarists who are just as raw sounding, if not more so, who look placid as an untouched pool of water in a mystic woodland area. I just find that, if I am going to be mean about music for a minute, I ought to be all the way mean, if that makes sense.


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