Oct. 15th, 2012

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Next week is one of paid vacation for me.

One of the few benefits of my job is that I accumulated a buttload of vacation. I am technically taking eight days, starting on Saturday and running until the following Sunday. It promises to be a good time. The thing about taking a vacation while working third shift, if my last experience was anything to go on, is that I feel like it stretches FOREVER. This is a good feeling when you have a lot to accomplish in the way of creative arts.

I've been noticing lately that in the last two months people have treated me differently. I attribute this to a haircut I got. I went from having long, curly locks to the middle of my back to having literally no hair on my head. It's since grown out to a short but existent length and I find myself the recipient of some unexpected social change.

In short, strangers are nicer to me now and more likely to ask me for directions or other aid. I suppose I look more clean-cut and less like an artsy music/writer type with no practical dreams or skills. All the worse for people who will find out the hard way, I guess. It seems I wore my oddity on my sleeve and now it takes a moment or two of conversation for people to find out. This may be an exaggeration but that's truly how it seems in some cases anymore.

I can't say that I didn't expect this. It doesn't exactly bother me as much as confirm what I already know about humans. Do I look better with short hair? Possibly. Probably, if I am to take the word of most people I know or run into regularly for it.

I'm up later than I normally am.


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