Sep. 29th, 2012

Road Trip

Sep. 29th, 2012 05:55 am
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One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life is an open stretch of nighttime highway bathed in fog. The lights haze everything out in Sepia and I feel free.

I've never felt so free as I do when I see that. I feel like I could live on that sight as if it were my only nourishment. Trite, maybe, but it's how I feel.

I took a trip with some friends to the flatlands of Ohio to go to a haunted house themed attraction. It's early in the season, yet, but the house proved to be the most impressive of its kind I've ever seen. It had animatronics, a great lengthy sprawl of room upon room of actually creative scare-tactics, some of which even made me twitch a little in surprise. I'm not often shocked or even startled by what I see there, having volunteered in such fun establishments in my early teens. Through that, I learned a lot of common tactics that can help me predict when and where a person is likely to jump out at me.

Despite this, I had a fantastic time and would gladly spend the six hours total travel time to and from, twenty dollars and functionally a whole day to do it again.

Also, in Ohio, and just about any other American state, you can buy beer in gas stations and grocery stores and stuff. This is true for all but Pennsylvania, the state in which I live. When I saw beer for sale in an Ohio gas station I just had to buy some. I have enjoyed two thus far sitting at my computer. My Chrome browser is doing some odd stuff because I haven't updated my OS in forever and so I switched back to Safari. It's frustrating. I need to replace it with something better.

I have to say... I use a Mac because it was the computer given to me when I had to replace my first laptop in college. I had no idea how trapped by its mac-centric tech I'd end up becoming. I often very much wish this weren't the case or that I wasn't so lazy about figuring out how to transfer everything onto a PC or something.

Rambling rambling. Drunk drunk. Drunk off of two beers on an empty stomach. Classy.


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