Sep. 27th, 2012

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Wrote some, rocked out some, going to meditate some after this entry. I feel good about today and it's only been going on for a handful of hours for me. It's good to start a day of that way. I've also not been on Facebook or the like for more than the minimum required to check the strangely high volume of messages I got today.

It's raining outside and a cold breeze whispers of the October to come in a few days. I would be enjoying it more if I hadn't received bills in the mail today. I swear, I'm so paranoid about getting mail because I always worry that it's some bad news.

I think it was Deadwood that I was watching years ago that summed this up pretty well. The characters where watching a crew of some kind set up telegraph poles and brooding on how it was a bad thing. One character disagreed and he was answered with the fact that this would allow mail to go faster to him and when was the last time he'd received a letter from someone he didn't know that WASN'T bad news?

Good point, that.


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